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by Rob Selen

How to launch our chinese flying paper lanterns?
Sky lanterns are not that different from hot air balloons, it is the heated air that makes this chinese lantern fly.

Launching or sky lanterns is not difficult, all it takes is enough hot air inside the balloon. It is obvious that heating the air as shown on the left will not work out, these lanterns are grounded forever! However, the guy on the right either knows his natural sciences or simply did read the attached manual: this is how you do it! One person holds the lantern from the top while the other lights the fuel from below.

Hint: the more of the four angles you will light the sooner the lantern will fly, normally it takes about 90 seconds.

Making our lanterns fly is not that difficult at all!

Story of Sky Lanterns

by Rob Selen

Sky lanterns have their origin in 3rdcentury China, is it said that they have been invented by Zhuge Liang, a Chinese politician, engineer, writer, military strategist and inventor. His courtesy name was Kongming, which explains the name of the sky lantern: Kongming Lantern.

Kongming found himself trapped during the battle of Pingyang against Sima Yi in the spring of the year 231 and used the sky lanterns for signaling during the battle and to send messages to his allies to ask them for help.

Another explanation for the name Kongming is the fact that the sky lantern resembles the hat worn by Zhuge Liang: that is why it was named after him.

Another name for the lanterns is Khoom Fay. After their use in wartime they were adopted by the local people and launched during festivities together with traditional fireworks. The idea was that the lanterns carried away troubles and brought good luck and prosperity, the higher the lantern would fly the better it was.

In a later stage lanterns were used by monks, the flame guided them to knowledge. Nowadays Chinese still use sky lanterns during the Chinese New Year for good luck. Khoom Fay Lanterns, the fairies of the Sky.

Nostre Lanterne Volanti volano anche da sole

by Rob Selen

Da sempre cerchiamo di spiegare come sia davvero facile far volare le nostre Lanterne Volanti. Il nostro cliente Carlo è riuscito in maniera efficace a dimostrarlo: la nostra lanterna volante parte anche da sola!

Funziona con le nostre lanterne volanti: carta resistente ed ignifuga, un combustibile di alta qualità.

Festa Patronale con

by Rob Selen
Per il secondo anno consecutivo, in occasione della festa Patronale, le Vostre lanterne son state motivo di gioia per grandi e piccini.
Arrivederci al prossimo anno...


June 15 2019: Launch 1000 Sky Lanterns

by Rob Selen

This 15th of June it will be the fourth time that 1000 of our sky lanterns will be launched in the stoical town center of Vasanello Italy. A better proof of our quality can't be given.

Our Sky Lanterns have CE certification, are fire resistant, biodegradable and have a mounted fuel cell: open, light and they fly.

This implies that:

  • They are safe and safety is the most important feature. Not all lanterns you find for sale on the web or in shops are the same, there's a lot of dangerous lanterns for sale with not mounted fuel cells, not fire resistant paper, dripping fuel cells and even contain asbestos.
  • They are easy to use, within 90 seconds they will fly.

Martin Luther King

by Rob Selen

The assasination of Martin Luther King, now 50 years ago

On 4 april 4th 1968, shortly after 6 in the afternoon, il reverend Martin Luther King, one of the most influencial and important politicians of the 1900, is gunned down on a Hotel balcony Memphis Tennessee.

Sky lanterns with your text, logo, foto or wish stamped on the flying lantern

Lanterne Volanti e vigili del fuoco di Rieti

by Rob Selen

Noi di Mille Belle Cose SRL vogliamo dire grazie mille ai Vigili di Fuoco di Rieti per aver scelto le nostre 70 lanterne volanti luminose blu: una scelta basata su criteri di sicurezza e affidabilità. Insieme per la giornata mondiale dell'Autismo, uniti per far volare tanti piccoli desideri blu, simbolo della speranza di molte famiglie che ogni giorno si confrontano con i molteplici volti di questo disturbo. Anche se il vento sembra soffiare contro, tutte e 70 spiccano il volo. Piccoli gesti per un grande progetto: la Giornata mondiale dell'Autismo. a Rieti

Midnight Sun e Lanterne Volanti

by Rob Selen

Cosa hanno a che fare le lanterne volanti con il film "Midnight Sun", che è presentato ora nei cinema? Apparentemente nulla, se non fosse che hanno chiesto nel 2010 alla nostra ditta Lanterne Volanti di dare il nostro contribuito collaborando nella realizzazione di alcune scene del film- documentario che narra questa terribile malattia.

What do the film 'Midnight Sun' and Lanterne Volanti in common? Seems nothing. In 2010 we were asked to participate in a documentary about the same disease: The Dark Side of the Sun.

The film "The Dark Side of the Sun" was presented at the Rome Film Festival on 11/4/2011. The movie is coproduced by Rai Cinema – Doc3, DR2 (Danish National Television), NHK (Japanese national television), YLE (Finnish National Television) and is distributed by Films Transit, the company that received the award as "distributor of the year" at the festival Hot Docs Canadian documentary.

The film describes the universe of a rare disease, Xeroderma Pigmentosum, which forces few kids in the world to live away from sunlight, in complete isolation. However, this does not happen at Camp Sundown where the sick children of XP can meet and play together at night, hoping for a normal life.

Lanterne Volanti (NL) and Mille Belle Cose SRL has worked on this project as Artistic Consultants and associate producers: our sky lanterns have lit up these kids spirit, and have contributed to their special summer. Watching the night sky covered with floating lights allows adds a magic dimension. Our creativity through a wide range of articles to contribute to this important and at the same time emotional project.

The director of the film, Carlo Hinterman, surprised us with his invitation to the red carpet in Rome where the documentari was presented for the first time. And so, on 4 novembre 2011 we were walking on the Roman red carpet together with all the other participants of this project, little after Richard Gere. It was not us the VIPS but the kids and their families!

La Giornata mondiale della consapevolezza dell’autismo

by Rob Selen

Molti gli appuntamenti per la sensibilizzazione e la migliore conoscenza nei riguardi dell'autismo previsti per il 2 aprile in occasione della Giornata Mondiale dell’autismo! Vengono organizzati in tutto il mondo eventi, letture, incontri, convegni e mostre per sensibilizzare istituzioni e opinione pubblica sull’autismo. L’obiettivo della giornata è quello di far luce su questa disabilità, promuovendo la ricerca e il miglioramento dei servizi e contrastando la discriminazione e l’isolamento di cui ancora sono vittime le persone autistiche e i loro familiari.

il colore dominante della giornata è il blu, si rinnova infatti la campagna mondiale “Light it up blue”, ideata dall’organizzazione Autism Speaks, che prevede di illuminare di blu i principali edifici delle città di tutto il mondo, come testimonianza della sensibilità nei confronti delle problematiche legate ai disturbi autistici. Anche le nostre lanterne volanti blu vengono usati nelle manifestazioni.

Anche il Ministero Dell'Interno è con noi: con le nostre lanterne volanti luminose per la giornata dell'autismo.

Lanterne Volanti Luminosi Cinesi per la giornata mondiale consapevolezza sull'autismo Rieti


by Rob Selen

Since 2011 our candle bags and sky lanterns have lit the squares in Italy during Earth Hour.

We are the Technical Partner of WWF Italy.

Simultaneous launch of Sky Lanterns: how to

by Rob Selen

Simultaneous launch of Sky Lanterns: how to
  1. Demonstrate in advance how to open and light the lantaarn, ask all participants to wait for the start signal.
  2. Make sure that everybody has a lighter.
  3. Have the participants open the lantern.
  4. On 'ready set go' everbody lights his lantern, lighting more angles of the fuel cell makes the lantaarn heat up quicker.
  5. On 90 seconde after the 'ready set go' the signal 'go', participants can liberate the lantern in order to make it fly
Following the above procedure will make a simultaneous launch a success. Attached an example, the commercial for Eni shot a couple of years back at Rome. Art director of the commercial was Cesare Danese, he orders every year sky lanterns for New Years Eve.

Simultaneous launch of Sky Lanterns: how not to

Attached a film shot during an Italian event, festivities in the village. As you will notice there are lanterns that go up and immediately fall down, or don't go up at all. Why is that?

It does not depend on the quality of our lantaarns, the failrate is 0 % if lanterns are used correctly. All is caused by the time people are waiting for the go signal! Seems strange, all it takes is lighting the lanterns simultaneously, right?

Yes, that is correct, but there lies the problem, not all lanterns are lit simultaneously without ta proper procedure. With big groups there are always people that can't wait and think: 'I'm going to lite up mine so I don't have to wait'.

On the other hand there is always someone that lost his lighter, is third in row to light te lantern and after is given the lighter will read the manual and light te lantern.

By the time the second person has the lantern heated up properly, the lantern of the impatient participant will be almost spent. The lanterns to go up and fall down soon after are being launched by impatient lantern launchers.

It is possible to launch lanterns in order to have them fly away all together, all it takes is put in place a procedure and stick to it. But the risk is impatient people in your group that will spoil it.