Blog Sky Lanterns

by Rob Selen

How to launch our chinese flying paper lanterns?
Sky lanterns are not that different from hot air balloons, it is the heated air that makes this chinese lantern fly.

Launching or sky lanterns is not difficult, all it takes is enough hot air inside the balloon. It is obvious that heating the air as shown on the left will not work out, these lanterns are grounded forever! However, the guy on the right either knows his natural sciences or simply did read the attached manual: this is how you do it! One person holds the lantern from the top while the other lights the fuel from below.

Hint: the more of the four angles you will light the sooner the lantern will fly, normally it takes about 90 seconds.

Making our lanterns fly is not that difficult at all!

Birthday Sky Lanterns

by Rob Selen

Buy wish sky lanterns for a birthday simply via our website, we have various favorable 
priced packages on offer. We can also personalize the flying lanterns with a text or a 
photo, which is always nice. Each wish balloon may contain a different image, or 
different texts. Order in time to avoid disappointment, PostNL is usually punctual, but 
sometimes they need an extra day, so don't wait too long. Need balloon for the holidays 
and new years eve? The same applies to this, avoid the pressure of the holidays with all the delays that entail, order them a month in advance, they do not have an expiry date, 
so you can rest assured.


by Rob Selen

Personalized Sky Lanterns

by Rob Selen

Where can you order personalized wishing balloons sky lanterns? They are very easy to 
order via our website, choose the number, minimum is 1 wish balloon, then load the text 
and/or image, checkout and ready. With small numbers, delivery can be made quickly, 
sometimes the same day, with larger numbers it can take a little longer. Personalized 
wishing balloons or flying lanterns are used for various purposes, in this specific case as advertising for Bacardi in Rome. We have been active in Italy for a long time, and we still have a lot of customers there who know where to find us. We can also send these 
advertising wish balloons to customers for you, we also offer this kind of mailings, 
please contact us for a personalized quote.

Wedding sky lanterns

by Rob Selen

Ordering wishing balloons sky lanterns for a wedding is very easy via our website. We 
have discounted wedding packages as standard lanterns, but also personalized versions, in this case from a couple from Florence several years ago. Closing the wedding with, if not personalized, wish balloons is very special, almost magical, something that everyone will remember. It is important to buy safe wishing balloons that respect the requirements of 
the NVWA, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. But for that you have 
come to the right place.

Printed candle bags

by Rob Selen

Buying advertising candlebags, where do you do that? You can easily order small and large 
numbers of personalized candlebags via our website. Choose the size, choose the number, 
load the file to be printed, add to the shopping cart, checkout and you're done. Very 
fast shipping is possible for small quantities, sometimes even the same day, for larger 
quantities it takes a little longer.
The depicted candle bag or paper light bag is a full-surface print commissioned by 
Amaretto di Saronno. Depicted on these paper bags is the map of Sicily together with the name and logo of Duca di Salaparuta, the wine branch of Amaretto di Saronno.
At the time, they were made as a promotional gift for customers and sent as a mailing, s
omething we can also organize for you.

Personalized Candle Bags

by Rob Selen

This post is about our candlebags that can be printed with what you provide us, or perforated candlebags that are printed. Where to buy? Hassle free via our website. And that is possible from 10 pieces! 
But we can also arrange large numbers for you without any problems. In addition, we can 
offer the service of mailing in which we send these printed paper bags to customers or 
employees with a personal card and with or without tea light in a special or normal 
envelope, with or without a logo. You ask, we arrange it for you.
But back to Tavan, he was born on November 5, 1949 in Andreis, a small isolated mountain village in Friuli Italy. He loses his mother at the age of 16, which makes a big 
impression on him. He has been struggling with mental problems from a young age and is 
regularly hospitalized for this. Because he is partially disabled, he receives a small 
The combination of his illness, loneliness, the hard isolated life in the mountains with limited means makes him make very instinctive poetry from within, which seems to arise 
from the complexity and suffering that has haunted him all his life.
He is at his best when he describes the overwhelming nature of the area around Andreis. I think one of his most beautiful is how he describes the glow worms, because of his simple life he was very close to nature, just like our candlebags on the grass.

LED lights balloons

by Rob Selen

Looking for LED lights for balloons, candlebags, light bags, lanterns?
You can buy them very easily via our website. They are packed 10 pieces and very simple 
to use. Each LED light has a plastic tab, if you pull that out, the light will light up. We state that it gives light for 72 hours without any problem, we have customers who tell us that 6 days is also no problem. So we can safely say that such a light has a very long burning time, which is always nice.
We often get the question whether LED lights are biodegradable, the answer is no: LED lights are not biodegradable, because they are made of partly plastic and naturally contain a battery, and batteries are not biodegradable to date.
They are also extremely suitable for lighting candle bags. If you want to send these bags by post as a Christmas card, such a light can simply be sent in the envelope.
If you want to let them fly in a balloon with helium, we advise you to fix these balloons with a string. That way you can admire them all evening as they float above the party. 
And the kids can take them home afterwards where they provide light for days. That is 
much more fun and also much better for the environment.
If you want to let them fly, you need balloons that are large enough to bear the weight, at least 30 cm.
Our balloons are also not biodegradable, but they do break down into tiny tiny pieces under the influence of light.


by Rob Selen

Since 2011 our candle bags and sky lanterns have lit the squares in Italy during Earth Hour, 2019 the will light the streets of Matera, the cultural European capital 2019.

We are the Technical Partner of WWF Italy.

History of Sky Lanterns

by Rob Selen
Sky lanterns have their origin in 3rdcentury China, is it said that they have been invented by Zhuge Liang, a Chinese politician, engineer, writer, military strategist and inventor. His courtesy name was Kongming, which explains the name of the sky lantern: Kongming Lantern.

Kongming found himself trapped during the battle of Pingyang against Sima Yi in the spring of the year 231 and used the sky lanterns for signaling during the battle and to send messages to his allies to ask them for help.

Another explanation for the name Kongming is the fact that the sky lantern resembles the hat worn by Zhuge Liang: that is why it was named after him. Another name for the lanterns is Khoom Fay.

After their use in wartime they were adopted by the local people and launched during festivities together with traditional fireworks. The idea was that the lanterns carried away troubles and brought good luck and prosperity, the higher the lantern would fly the better it was.

In a later stage lanterns were used by monks, the flame guided them to knowledge. Nowadays Chinese still use sky lanterns during the Chinese New Year for good luck. Khoom Fay Lanterns, the fairies of the Sky.

Our sky lanterns fly also by themselves!

by Rob Selen

We always try to explain how easy it is to let our lanterns fly, making them fly might be easy, convincing customers that they are really that easy is not that easy at all. Our Italian customer Carlo managed in a very simple way to convince all of us, he made the lantern fly by itself without even holding it! A better proof than that you can't find. Thanks Carlo, you are our hero!

This will work only with our sky lanterns: due to the special design combined with high the quality and fire resistant materials and strong fuel cell they can even fly by themselves.