Safe Sky Lanterns

Single wrapping

With manual

Fuel cell mounted ready fur use

Easy and Safe Sky Lanterns

Fire resistant paper

Degradable material

CE marking

Open, light and fly

Don't contain asbestos

Dutch Certificate

All reasons you need to buy our you Volanterna® Sky Lantern, better be safe than sorry!

The Netherlands are our foreign part of the company, it's the only European country that has created safety standards for Sky Lanterns, also called Wish Balloons. 

Our lanterns are according dutch rules, this implies that we are allowed to sell our Lanterns in the Netherlands and furthermore they can be used without any permission.


We have registered the brand VOLANTERNA ® in order to guarente a Sky Lantern that has the safety characteristics required. Because of these features you will find us alway in the pole position on all the search engines.

Why a Brand

We have deposited the brand with the idea to create clarity in the Sky Lantern market. All Lanterns are called Sky Lanterns and this does not indicate any quality level. If you buy ours with our brand you know that they are safe.

Checking lanterns in the market shows that sometimes they

  1. catch fire since paper is not fire resistant
  2. don't fly since to heavy or low quality fuel cell
  3. fuel cell that drips burning wax
  4. contain asbestos (stating cotton cord holding the fuel cell)

Is it worth risking your safety and health using Lanterns that don't have our safety standard?

Choose our VOLANTERNA ® the safest Sky Lantern in the market!