Personalized Candle Bags

by Rob Selen

This post is about our candlebags that can be printed with what you provide us, or perforated candlebags that are printed. Where to buy? Hassle free via our website. And that is possible from 10 pieces! 
But we can also arrange large numbers for you without any problems. In addition, we can 
offer the service of mailing in which we send these printed paper bags to customers or 
employees with a personal card and with or without tea light in a special or normal 
envelope, with or without a logo. You ask, we arrange it for you.
But back to Tavan, he was born on November 5, 1949 in Andreis, a small isolated mountain village in Friuli Italy. He loses his mother at the age of 16, which makes a big 
impression on him. He has been struggling with mental problems from a young age and is 
regularly hospitalized for this. Because he is partially disabled, he receives a small 
The combination of his illness, loneliness, the hard isolated life in the mountains with limited means makes him make very instinctive poetry from within, which seems to arise 
from the complexity and suffering that has haunted him all his life.
He is at his best when he describes the overwhelming nature of the area around Andreis. I think one of his most beautiful is how he describes the glow worms, because of his simple life he was very close to nature, just like our candlebags on the grass.



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