LED lights balloons

by Rob Selen

Looking for LED lights for balloons, candlebags, light bags, lanterns?
You can buy them very easily via our website. They are packed 10 pieces and very simple 
to use. Each LED light has a plastic tab, if you pull that out, the light will light up. We state that it gives light for 72 hours without any problem, we have customers who tell us that 6 days is also no problem. So we can safely say that such a light has a very long burning time, which is always nice.
We often get the question whether LED lights are biodegradable, the answer is no: LED lights are not biodegradable, because they are made of partly plastic and naturally contain a battery, and batteries are not biodegradable to date.
They are also extremely suitable for lighting candle bags. If you want to send these bags by post as a Christmas card, such a light can simply be sent in the envelope.
If you want to let them fly in a balloon with helium, we advise you to fix these balloons with a string. That way you can admire them all evening as they float above the party. 
And the kids can take them home afterwards where they provide light for days. That is 
much more fun and also much better for the environment.
If you want to let them fly, you need balloons that are large enough to bear the weight, at least 30 cm.
Our balloons are also not biodegradable, but they do break down into tiny tiny pieces under the influence of light.


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