Nordic World Ski Championships 2013

by Rob Selen
The launch of our lanterns was an important event during the opening ceremony of the Nordic World Ski Championships on February 20, 2013. Our lanterns had the perfect setting, the happening was broadcasted live on RAI sport from the Stadio del Fondo di Lago di Tesero, Val di Fiemme.
Viessmann, one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems, was one of the main sponsors of this global event. Security being one of their main focus points they have ordered our flying lanterns to light up the opening ceremony of this big event. For this special occasion we have personalized these sky lanterns with Viessmann's logo. A perfect way of making publicity, not only for them but also for us!
After Viessmann many companies have chosen this personalized flying sky lanterns to light up the heavens, it is a suggestive and fun way of making publicity. Even if you don't have a big budget but want to be sure that your logo ends up in many posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media: order our sky lanterns with your logo and make them fly!
After many years of research our sky lanterns are constructed in such way that they are very easy to use: all it takes is opening them, light up the fuel cell and within 90 seconds this small hot air balloon will take of and will will bring your logo to a height of approximately 600 - 800 meters.
Some find the combination of open flame and thin paper scary, rest assured that we have thought that over! The first sky lanterns used normal paper, if the flame touches the paper it is likely that it will go up in flames. This can happen while heating them up, but it can also happen in the sky: nobody wants a second 'Hindenburg disaster' during the promotion tour, right? For those that don't know the story, the Hindenburg was a huge Zeppelin filled with hydrogen gas that took fire in 1937 and fell burning out of the sky.
Learning from the Hindenburg we treat the paper of our sky lanterns in order to make it fire resistant, so this no longer can happen. The lanterns heat up, you let them go, they fly until they reach 600 - 800 meter height, the flame goes out and the lantern slowly floats back to earth. Materials used are biodegradable