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Personalized Sky Lanterns - Wish Balloons

  1. Send us your text, foto or logo and we will put it on the Lantern. Sky Lanterns have the shape of a Hot Air Balloon
  2. Height of the lantern is about 100 cm, the size of the wrapped lantern is 40 x 40 x 0,3 cm
  3. Lanterns have a fixed fuel cell and are ready for use.
  4. Paper used to construct the sky lantern is fire resistant
  5. Lanterns are biodegradable: we are the technical partner WWF Earth Hour for a reason
  6. Every lantern has it's own wrapper and manual

Use of Sky Lanterns in a nutshell

  1. Read with attention the manual that comes with the lantern
  2. Take the lantern out of the wrapper and open it well
  3. Remove the paper around the fuel cell
  4. Light at least 2 corners of the fuel cell, that way the lantern heats up quicker
  5. Heat up the lantern for about 90 seconds before letting it go
  6. Check if the lantern is ready to fly and when it is let it go.

Why a brand for a Sky Lantern?
VOLANTERNA® is our brand name, it's main purpose to distinguish us from other suppliers in the market. The brand VOLANTERNA® guarantees a safe sky lantern, 

Why is that important? We hear many stories from new customers about low quality materials in the market, lanterns that don't fly, catch fire, drip burning wax, with holes and even containing carcinogenic asbestos cord that holds the fuel cell and stating that it is biodegradable cotton.

VOLANTERNA® is a Benelux brand, deposited by: Lanterne Volanti, Brusselseweg 483, 6218 HW Maastricht (NL) KVK 14110853

What height do they reach?
Sky lanterns can reach a height of 600 - 800 meters, depending on the atmospheric conditions, the fuel cell will burn up to 10 minutes, after it dies the sky lantern wil float slowly back to earth.

Fire resistant paper
The paper that has been used to construct the sky lanterns is thin but resistant, besides that also fire resistant or flame retardant. These characteristics are important to guarantee safety of the sky lanterns, lanterns made of not fire resistant paper can create dangerous situations and fires.

Biologically degradable
After the fuel cell is consumed, the residu is 99,8 % cellulose, this implies that according EAN 1344 the sky lantern is fully biologically degradable.

Expiration Date
Sky lanterns don't have an expiration date, all it takes is to store them in a dry and not to warm place. Warning: don't store them in your car in summertime, the sun can increase the car internal temperature to such levels that the wax might melt.

When to use sky lanterns
Paper sky lanterns can be used for various kind of festivities: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New years Eve, Easter, Valentine, communion, office parties, publicity, memorials, funerals. It is possible to write a message on our sky lanterns using a special text marker.

When not to use sky lanterns

  • During drought
  • Airports: within a radius of 15 km
  • Near high obstacles
  • With rain or wind
  • Near flammable products
  • With daylight

Do I need a license?
A license is not necessary to launch sky lanterns

Can I use them inside
It is not possible to use them inside

Can my children use them
Children can use them only under strict supervision of an adult

Rain and wind
It is better to avoid the use of sky lanterns with windy or rainy weather conditions

Sito piacevole ed organizzato, magnifica la personalizzazione della lanterna ( ottima stampa della foto e del contenuto del testo), arrivo PUNTUALE (anche nel giorno dello sciopero!), personale cortese, professionale e disponibile per ogni esigenza e dubbio, vantaggiosa la stravariata modalità di pagamento. Regalo ad effetto. Incantevoli anche i portacandele. Regalare una lanterna per me vuol dire regalare un desiderio da esprimere.. regalare un sogno.. regalare una stella che vedi luciccare lassù e quella stella l'hai avuta tra le mani poco prima.. da un paio di anni o anche più quando penso alle lanterne penso a questo sito, per l'alta qualità del materiale.. un giorno mi serviva una lanterna all'ultimo secondo e l ordine on linea non mi avrebbe aiutato.. troppo last! Ne ho acquistato una dal cinese.... quanto me ne sono pentita.. mi sono detta "era meglio ke aspettavi ma avevi una Lanterna come si deve tra le mani".. il prossimo acquisto x mia mamma e so ke inpazzirà!!!!! Grazie di cuore ai vostri prodotti..
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