Sky lanterns for publicity purposes

by Rob Selen

On the second dicembre of 2010, some time after the shoot of this publicity movie for ENI with our Sky Lanterns, we have received an email from the art director of this spot. Since he is Italian we have translated the content.

Hi guys,

I know the lanterns from the spot we made in Rome for ENI (I am the Art Director) where we have used them. I live in Mallorca in the countryside and have thought to use your lanterns one special evening, for instance New Years Eve, think my 2 year old daughter will like them better than the usual fire crackers. Hope you will send me the same white ones as we used last time

p.s. at below link you can watch the spot of ENI with the lanterns, kind regards, Cesare Daneser> are Daneser>

voordeel verpakking 20.

p.s. op onderstaande link kunnen jullie de film zien die we destijds gedraaid hebben voor ENI met de vliegende lantaarns. Een vriendelijke groet aan jullie allemaal.